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Suggested Tools

On this page you will find links to tools I have used for some time and have had good success with (I am not the author nor creator of any of these tools, I link to them here as a convenience).

Links open to new windows.

The "Computer Safety" video on my Portfolio page explains how to install and use free software and gives other tips for keeping your computer safe. The links in this section are shortcuts to getting the software I talk about in the video (plus more).

Basic Security: Windows Only

AVG AVG: Excellent Virus protection (and now some spyware protection as well). It is not recommended that you use more than one virus protection program.
Glary Utilities Glary Utilities: General Purpose "cleaner" - looks at the Registry, shortcuts, Startup items, Temp files, and more. It does offer to install the Ask.com toolbar during installation; I suggest you remove that checkmark as you install the utilities.

Advanced Security: Windows Only

BeLarc BeLarc Advisor: shows a detailed profile of hardware and software on your machine. Not dangerous, but not much value if you are not sure what you are looking at.
Spybot S&D Spybot S&D: Excellent spyware and adware removal tool, but also has a lot of other tools for finding "bad" startup items and otherwise helping to diagnose and fix computers.