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ScreenFlow Cursors & Shapes

ScreenFlow is a video recording and editing tool with a focus on screencasting. I use it extensively in the videos I produce. On this page I share some of the resources I use for the program.

To download a cursor, click on it to get the full size with borders; then save using File > Save or contextual menus. You can also download the ZIP file of all cursors.

Instructions on how to use the cursors can be seen in this quickly put together video. I also have a video with a brief description of how I make the cursors and another, in YouTube, where I show some tips and tricks on using these images (I use the "Red Huge" arrow in the video).

Prescott Computer Guy Cursors

I will likely add more over time, but here are some I made quickly once the feature was introduced (click thumbnail to get full sized cursor with borders).

Red Arrow Red Arrrow Huge Red Arrrow Highlight Yellow Highlight
Red Large
Red Huge
Red with Highlight Yellow Highlight
target Crosshair flashlight flashlight with crosshair
Flashlight with crosshair
laser pointer venn Trek Rip
Laser Pointer Venn Trek Rip
Maglight MagGlass finger  
Magnifying Glass Light Magnifying Glass Finger  
Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass Light
Laser Pointer
Flashlight with crosshair
Yellow Highlight
Red with Highlight
Red Huge
Red Large


All Zipped All Prescott Computer Guy Cursors in a zipped folder.

ScreenFlow Shapes

People sometimes request of the ScreenFlow developers to include shapes for the program - arrows and sometimes other shapes. So far the program does not have these, but it is easy to bring in a PNG file and use it as you wish. You can resize them and change their saturation, for example. Here is a quick video showing how to use these in a screencast.

Be aware that any of the "cursors" can be used as shapes and vice versa - they are all just PNG files.

Blue Arrow Green Arrow Red Arrow White Arrow
Blue Arrow Green Arrow Red Arrow White Arrow
Yellow Arrow Exclaimation Bubble Speech Bubble Thought Bubble
Yellow Arrow Exclamation Bubble Speech Bubble Thought Bubble
All Zipped All Prescott Computer Guy Shapes in a zipped folder.

Your Cursors and Shapes Here!

If you have images you would like to share, send them to me at the email listed above and I will post them here and provide a link back to your site.

Here is one from J. Kira Hamilton from Lightsphere.com. The two shown below are the exact same with the exception that the "centered" version is set so the mouse pointer is centered, as I show in my video and as the other cursors are on this page (for the non-centered one, you can use upper left and it works almost as well). To download either of them click on them to open them in their own window and save from there or download them both in the zipped file referenced below.

Santa Hand Santa Hand Centered
Santa Hand
Santa Hand Centered
All Zipped Both LightSphere Shapes in a zipped folder.



If you do end up using any of my cursors or shapes I would love to see how they are used... but that is *not* a requirement. They can be used with no further permission, they can be modified, used in other ways, etc. I guess selling them would be rude, so I would prefer if people did not do that, but they are offered with no restrictions of any sort.

The same goes for any other cursors and shapes posted here. If you do not agree with that, then please do not ask me to add your images here! I will, however, happily remove any image the author asks me to remove and, please, make sure you have rights to any image you send for me to post.