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Training / Support Videos

I create videos to help explain ideas or to support training. They can be viewed on the web, placed on DVDs, or distributed in any way that works for you. Here are a couple of examples. The videos are large, and you might need the newest version of QuickTime to view them. The videos I make, of course, can be made to be smaller and can be saved in any major format.

Tell Me What You Need!

Michael and Bilby at work on a computerElsewhere on this site I talk about the types of jobs I do most often - technical support and training, computer services, and web design. After 20 years in the business I have tackled many other types of jobs as well, from creating customizable bell systems and report card systems for schools to the outright bizarre job of helping to design a fruit-fly speedometer (yes, a tool to measure the speed of flies!)

I am proficient with many software packages and have spent years learning how to work with them in concert to solve problems others have thought were impossible or would simply be too expensive to be worth the effort. I welcome the challenges others have said were "impossible" or completely impractical. Often I find a way.