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Your Needs

If you need a new website or help with your personal or small business computers then you have come to the right place. Prescott Computer Guy handles almost any technological need for individuals and small businesses. More than just doing the work, we help you to understand how to do things for yourself - to the level you wish to do so. If you want us to handle all your website updates, we happily will, but if you want to learn to be able to do so yourself, we are just as happy to help you learn to not depend on us.

A Computer Technologist You Can Understand

Michael Glasser, web developer and technologistPrescott Computer Guy is a family run web design and technology support business located in Prescott, Arizona. My wife, Anne, does much of the "behind the scenes" work and I, Michael, get to do the fun part: working with the public and playing with fun toys. Don't tell her, but I think I get the better end of the deal!?smile

We believe in giving our customers the kind of service we would like to receive ourselves: friendly, fair, honest, and respectful. We use everyday language, not the high tech mumbo jumbo that most folks find confusing and frustrating. We like to reply to phone calls and e-mails as quickly as possible and not leave people waiting and wondering if we even received their message. The websites we design and develop are made to be easy to maintain and view, and the computers we work on are set up so they can be used with confidence.

Our Philosophy

Technology is ever-changing (especially with today's computers and websites), but our philosophy is consistent: seek the best solutions while keeping the cost down and the complexity to a minimum. The links to the left explain much about what we do, but we are always learning more ? if you have a technology or web based need, feel free to ask what we can do for you. Often we can offer a solution; if we cannot maybe we know someone who can. In short: we work with both Windows based PCs and Macs as well as with web technologies, networking and digital photography.

We want you to be able to grab that cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and enjoy the use of your computer. Let us take the stress off you by allowing us to take care of your computer needs.

A Little About Our Family

Prescott Computer FamilyIn the summer of 2000, my wife (Anne) and I were looking for a small town to start our family. I was familiar with Prescott; as a teen I had worked at different local summer camps for many years, including volunteering at Camp Rainbow, a camp for kids with cancer. When I brought Anne to see Prescott, she loved it as much as I did. We bought a house shortly after and have enjoyed the small town atmosphere ever since. We now have two children who are Prescott natives, Ash and Eden, the light of our lives. We have been involved in the community through various volunteer programs such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters, The Blind Center, Neighbor to Neighbor and Youth Count.